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Haining zhongrun chemical trade co., LTD is a large company not only can do  import and export bussiness , also can do grease and comprehensive private business. 
The totally registered capital is 24 million and 5 hundred throusand RMB, Total Annual Sales Volume 6 hundred and fifty million RMB, Main bussiness:Pre-packaged food and bulk food, chemical raw materials (excluding hazardous chemicals and precursor chemicals and chemical reagents, etc.) plastic products (excluding national ban products), building materials, textile raw materials, lubricating oil, bitumen, paraffin wax products (excluding ban) wholesale and retail
Company location is haining city and zhejiang province,No.2.Qiyi RD, Haining Agricultural Development Zone,Zhejiang 314422,China. 
We have Engineer 15 people, Management personnel more than 30 people, Production workers more than 50 people, The company adopts foreign management system, A full set of process using unmanned management, And under the leadership of the company President Mr Shen fa geng, The company vibrant, in an unprecedented development speed become forefront on economic and technological development zone enterprises;Looking forward...
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Paraffin Wax
Rubber Protective Wax
Waxes For Industrial Explosive
Particles Wax
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Indonesia Slack Wax
Sepahan H-12
Sepahan RPO
Slack wax SW40 Iranol

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· The hoteline will be open for 24 hours a day.
· Our service purpose is: integrity, rigorous, passion and will.
Haining hongli wax industry co., LTD
Established in 2004 year, the registered capital of 1580000RMB.
Main bussiness: Paraffin wax, grain, chemical wax, palm wax,
compound wax, imports of slack wax, etc...
Changan hongrun fur market management co., LTD
stablished in 2013 years, Covers area about 25000 Square meters,
Main bussiness: fur market rental. Contribution:Created a docking
platform for fur raw material manufacturers and processing ...
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